Friday, June 2

Happy many-days-after Bday Suze

Ahh. Happy Days with good friends. Great friends :)
We celebrated Suze's 23rd year since the day of her birth at her frequented Euro Lounge in Castle Hill.

Looking at the menu, as usual, I had a dilemma deciding what to get.
What I couldnt take my eye off though was the word calzone. Immediately thoughts of watching an episode of Jamie Oliver making a delious look parcel came to mind. And so I got the Calzone of the Day with ham, mushroom, spinach, chilli and tomato stuff. ($18.9)
(The word gorgonzola appealed too. It's funky, say it, go on! Just cos I heard it from
Wallace & Grommit.)

Calzone Innard

When it arrived I was like "Woow. It's soo big. How am I going to manage that? I'm gonna have to doggy bag it" I was impressed.

Once before me, I dissected with my eyes. Immediate sighting: burnt pimples and a crater of oil. Mmm, all the things I like (not). Once the oil was drained, I dug in, with many happy eating thoughts. *chew chew* "hmm. It appears that my mouth is on FIRE" I had forgotten to ask for no chilli. Very sad. I had so looked forward to it. I struggled on through a quarter of it but couldnt take it anymore, I could breathe much clearer through my nose though. So I swapped with Audrey the Fire-eater, for this:

Beef ravioli with pinenuts, onions, tomato and beet leaves. (minus 2 pieces)

That was entree size. You can never tell with different restaurants. Some big entrees, some small. *sigh* sadness once again washed over me. It was quite a flavoursome dish I must admit, just extremely small. Definately not worth the ~$16.

On the extreme opposite though, was Suze's cake.

It was so good. It had layers of white chocolate tinted pink to form a rose appearance. Sooo nice. Normally I play with my food, but unless I licked my plate, there was nothing left for me to abuse.

On an "other observations" note: service was quite friendly, live jazz music was fantastic, I liked their drinking glasses, didn't like their spoons. (Bad shape. Unless ur suppose to sip from them, they feel awkward in the mouth. Even when placed upside down on tongue.) Duck, lamb and pumpkin mash stolen from others plates was good.

Thanks soooo much Suze for being a super friend :)

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