Sunday, June 4

Sweet sweet music

Pizza time again. Dinner was at Milano Pizzeria Restaurant at Newtown on Enmore Rd. Making a decision wasnt as difficult as the other night surprisingly. Most of the menu sounded quite appertising but there was quite a good range of pizzas settled on the Rucosa pizza (think that's what it was called), a vegetarian pizza with grilled eggplant, spinach, artichoke, mushroom and other 'stuff'. (small, $11.50)

Vege pizza. Allll for me.

It was good, nothing outstanding... well it was much better than Pizza Hut pizza that's for sure. The base had the right thinness so making it not too filling. It just occurred to me that as I was listing the ingredients, I remember reading all those veges that appealed to me BUT I dont recall actually eating it! I saw no eggplant nor artichoke. Hmm, many toppings but in scanty propotions. I actually didnt mind that there wasnt too much cheese.

And what can be better than having a full meal? Having a full meal and then seeing a live gig afterwards! Actually for me the night was about the music rather than the meal.

Off we went, down the road to the Enmore theatre to see LIOR!!! OOOh he was soooooo good. Fantastic. He has an amazing voice, sings beautifully and is pretty cute too ;) The band was a great support, including a trombone, violin, cello, double bass, and him playing a guitar. Loved it. I even recognised that there was the same violinist that had played at the Josh Pyke & Bob Evans gig. I had thought more of his music was slower paced sleepish swaying music but it wasnt. There were songs you could bounce about too, a great mix. *sigh* was a great night.
Now most people that I'd told, said they had never heard of Lior. Wellll, check out his myspace and have a listen. He is super! I was going to borrow his cd from a friend once they got it, but I think I'm just gonna have to buy a copy myself. I like it THAT much.

Ooh. And Darren Handlon supporting him was good too. I recognised some his songs. What a trooper, he had just been released from hospital so that he could play! Even still had the arm band on. Gonna have to listen to a bit more of his stuff I think.

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chocolatesuze said...

YOU WENT TO SEE LIOR?!?!?!? OH MY GOD DUDEEEEEE you didnt tell me!!!! i had no idea he was playing!!!