Sunday, June 11

Eggs. How do you like 'em?

Happy house-warming Lauren!

Hmm house first thought that came into my head for Lauren for some strange unknown reason was: A dozen eggs.
Now, now. I'm not JUST going to give eggs of course. That would be silly. So then I thought wouldnt it be better if I dressed them up a bit! So I did.


I was going to do the other dozen but ran out of time. Also I dont recommend using honey to stick the pieces on. Although it is sticky dont mean it'll stick very well. I couldnt be bothered using egg white, but that would work much better.
Thanks for you're fantastic company Loz and Natalie.

Enjoy your eggs Loz and boys.

Oh and I had Oporto's for the first time as well on Friday night. It's edible and better than Maccas, but not something I'd regularly eat. You can actually feel the chicken muscle fibres! Mm actual chicken (or is it?)

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chocolatesuze said...

heh thats too cute