Thursday, June 8

Women's dinner

Dinner tonight was at Yam's Happy Inn Chinese Restaurant (in Toongabbie across from the train station), along with ~39 women from my church. As you can see it was a Women's Dinner and we had a guest speaker, talking about encouragement. It was quite nice. We got reminded of how friends are important for the journey and we are to look after them. And a way we can do that is to direct them to Jesus, and I know it sounds super corny but did you know that Jesus is your frieeend.

Okaly-doke. And now the other important bit that was bringing us together, the food.
It's not something I normally do, but I ate the FRIED spring roll and FRIED dim sim of-miscellaneous-meat. decent. crispy.
Then came the fried rice and prawns with vegetables. Let me draw your attention to the orange spodgy thing right up the front. That is pressumably egg. Yes, it was as orange as you see it.

Then came 2 dishes of Sweet and Sour chicken (or my initial description, "a sweet sauce with fried stuff")

Then more dishes of fried rice and prawns with vegetables. The eyes of the ladies that I sat with boggled.

About 30 seconds afterwards, 2 dishes of Mongolian lamb came out literaly sizzling on the plate. The ladies almost fell out of their seats - so to speak. So much food.

I was surprised the food actually was ok, earlier I had strong doubts. I even took home a doggy bag (container) of the rice despite the orange egg. One thing to point out though, I wouldnt recommend the Mongolian lamb. I thought - "Mm tenderiser, dont you love that smooth rubber texture". Sis thought - "It's like chewing fat"

A pleasant surprise was this though:

My first ever fortune cookie.

I cracked it opened and it said..."38 1 44 40 5 14"

Great, so I get the faulty one. Flipped over it read "Your secrets are safe with me and all my friends". sheesh who writes this stuff? Who on earth is the lucky one that says "Hi I'm and I write fortunes for cookies" But then again if I put a message in, it would probably be: Eat cookie, not paper. Or something more stupid. Well the cookie itself was good.

Hmm, I smell like food. and not in a good way.

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chocolatesuze said...

your FIRST ever fortune cookie??!??! nooo wayyy