Thursday, May 4

Warning: Soppiness alert

I LOVE U GUYS (my uni peeps)

sure this isnt that much to do with food. but we were bonded by food, in many ways. through our uni courses (food tech & nutritition and food), through our lunch times in the cafeteria, through our bday dinners. and tonight, through our graduation dinner.

(skip down to avoid my soppiness and carrying on, and actually hear about food)

each of u's have ur own unique way of brightening up my days. (including u's not pictured above) and 'when ur powers combine' that makes for a very happy amie. i feel very comfortable around u guys. i can tell cos i go all spasticated, acting like a little kid with random comments coming out of fat air. the crazy, 'creative' thoughts are activated and light up, flashing insanely around in my head
sure i might be just a little crazy around others, but nowhere near as hyped up as when with u's. i dont think i had that in me that much before uni.

u guys are the best. u's all made getting through the 3yrs so much easier. i'm so lucky and thankful for each of u. :) aww, *group hug*

so, dinner was had at the Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant in Parramatta. it was the barramundi fillet on lemongrass risotto with a pea sauce. ($29) i'd normally think i woudnt go for fish when eating out unless it was salmon, but i saw 'lemongrass', i saw 'risotto', and thought yup.
i like it when commentators draw on the screen for cricket. its cool. so here's the highlights:
so full. i dont understand how ppl can just have meat as a dish. oh, all that protein. u know it's recommended to have 1 serve of meat (of any sort) a day. one serve is about the palm of ur hand cupped. this was about 2.5-3 serves. goodness. i need my veges. i dont understand restaurants, nutritionally-wise. or should i say lack of.


chocolatesuze said...

teehee dude you are the bestest! 3 years of uni wouldve been realli boring without you and your crosswords and drawings! *HUGS*

Nat said...

haha HUGS amie. I love the cricketish highlights that you drew onto your fotos. Made me laugh out loud!