Saturday, May 6

more mellow music

For weeks i've been promising my sis that we'll make sushi. we finally did, and it came to such an anticlimax. sorta unsuitable (long-grain) rice and not enuf filling. it was edible and did the job. my stomach hasnt been the happiest lately anyway. i pretty much had 3 pieces of mandarin for dinner and then 3 spoonfuls of rice n stuff at 1:30 in the morn. Reason being for eating at that hr was i got home from a gig at that time and stomach had finally semi-settled.

Had a jolly good time with friends, listening to Josh Pyke and Bob Evans (the dude from Jebediah) at Newtown RSL. They are so clever, playing the harmonica and guitar at the same time. the other musicians could play multiple instruments too, like the accordian and violin (not at the same time). great music, loved it.

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