Sunday, May 7

more chums

ahh, its been a week of much lovin'. tonight was Ronald's 21st party at the good ole Rosehill Bowling Club. its always good hanging out with my school friends. we dont usually talk that much except during birthday times and arranging where to go, but whenever we meet up again its just as if we'd been talking all the time. its nice like that.

Being at a bowling club, that means buffet...all u can eat buffet...all u can eat buffet with many many choices. and so u might as well try as much as u can, even if u know what it's going to taste like. so i loaded my plate up...
the trick is to get lots of little bits. note: the plates are smallish so there's only so much u can put on ur plate, even then u'll still look like a pig. and since they dont all fit on the plate u have to go back for seconds...

as i said it looks like a lot but...ok maybe it is kinda a lot. especially for someone that was complaining of stomach unhappiness a few hrs ago, and compared to how much u'd usually eat. But i didnt eat it all. i was a bit selective. i reminded myself of how i dont like biting into the crunchy oiliness of prawn cutlets, this is after taking a bite. i ended up pulling out the insides. and opted not to finish the dim sim due to its unusual fake smooth texture. and mm soggy pizza.
it was a bit worrying too. at the salad bar they had frozen corn. for salad? no thanks. someone was in too much of a hurry to thaw. might also be safer to skip the crab and prawns too. i'm just paranoid. u never know what they do.
and there's always room for dessert.

no i didnt finish it all, but most of it was pretty good. mmm fresh cream. i was disappointed though, cos i just didnt have the room for the hot desserts. just couldnt make it.

And the super birthday cake. thats a clever design. i would never have thought it, with the edible pic too. looked fantastic.

Finally, leftovers of the surface cream layer. it was thick as, thick enuf to keep the spoons upright. and gee, i didnt find this out as i was smooshing the cream into a mass, now did i? *look away*

Happy birthday ronald :)

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