Thursday, May 11

hooray for junk

*poke poke* heehehe... *poke poke* hohoho... *poke poke* mwahaha...
on my way back from finally getting my full license and feeling all happy chappy i stopped by The Reject Shop. i love that place. full of useful junk that u dont need. i spotted this <- puffy stickers! now who can pass that, how cool are they. i could spend all day squishing them! but they unfortunately they arent for me, instead for a 5yr old. i can justify having them though if i did. according to the back it's "The Best Gift For The Kids And Adults" and also u should " Try Them One By One" those crazy Made in China products.

also out of impulsiveness (as prompted from a current blog find of The Impulsive Buy) i bought a take-away gift box. i dont need it. but it looks cool. and was covered in jelly beans. and i could give it to someone. and fill it with biscuits. and... so there is a need for it. plus i spent a good half an hr figuring out how to fold it. now i can make my own. hohaha.
current finances prevented me from squandering away any more money. had just enuf for a photo album for me cake pics. lovely.

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