Saturday, May 13

family antics

It seems like it's only during 'special occasions' that our family has somewhat of a conversation at the dinner table and silly moments occur. Today was the combined Dad's birthday and Mother's day dinner...with mum making dinner, and the cake (pictured. you can somewhat make out a 5 on the left eaten cake). i feel bad yet take no action. hmm. i did wash up though.

Anyway, it is nice when we attempt to talk to one another. in case any of you's also have communication troubles with your family, here are some tried and tested bonding moments you can have a go at:
- accidentally flinging zucchini into your brother's glass of wine, and then eating it
- have 2 cupcakes each with a candle. light both. sing happy birthday. blow one out. light the blown candle with lit candle. sing happy mother's day. blow it out. light the blown candle with lit candle. let someone else blow it out. light blown with lit. let another person blow it out. light blown with lit. finally blow out until all have had a for all with the cheapness of only using one match.
- take turns whipping cream...with a fork

oh so full. as well as making cupcakes, mum made 3 batches of cookies and a choc slice. according to her guess, she used approx 13 cups of cake mix flour. she was 'experimenting', and thus with experiments u have to test the results. and so i HAD to sample them all...repeatedly. this self control business certainly is hard.

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