Sunday, April 23

wheatout a trace

ah loz, u r beautiful inside and out. hope enjoyed ur bday party. u better have, with ur many friends around u, telling u how wonderful u are. :)
on a food note, no wheat was in sight. which was a desirable thing for coeliac lauren. eating gluten-free food isnt as bad as it might sound. the food was soo nice. and rice was soft as an asian woud expect, and the sweet potatoy mush was realy good to. its interesting trying new foods. a little scary but its like hmm...Mmm! and being foodies we all noted the fruit platter platter. very nice. very big and square. u had to see it to understand.
another notable moment, thought process: oh look a cheese platter...oh there's camembert!...mmm camembert, oh where's suze?
we thought up a way to further cheesify cheese (i like that new word). get cheese, deep fry, dip in cheese dip, sprinkle with cheese eg parmesan. ooh cheese overload.

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