Wednesday, April 26

simple lunch

Lunch: pizza on muffin
Feels like i've been quite a bit of commercial pizza lately, and its not something that i can say i like a great deal. i'm happy enuf with this. mm shiny oily cheese.

went to the local Pendle Hill 888 Asian Food Restaurant last night with friends. it's funny how they say its asian and all, then the first page u turn to on the menu offers dishes such as steak and chips. also in every menu there were cut outs from newspaper articles promoting their store. there were a mighty lot of menus, thus obtained from a mighty lot of the same newspapers. (newspaper-nappers!) it generally had quite a bit of postive reviews according to the paperwork posted on the wall. almost seems like they are boasting. as u would i suppose.
anyway the food, we shared 4 dishes amongst 7 of us, coming to $7.60 each. this was enuf to fill everyone up, so thats pretty good. it probably helped that it was only $2 per person for rice and we ended up getting about 5 buckets. mm rice. good stuff.
as expected, when we got the beef and veges, there wasnt exactly a great deal of veges. its there more for garnish i'd say. but it and the green curry, combination satay and panang curry were good. my mouth was on fire after the green curry, but luckily to the point of just standable. some of the meat had its usual unusually soft texture. hmm tenderisers. i wouldnt have an desperate desire to go back again soon, but it good.

also of interest though was the basin in the male toilets. dont worry there wasnt anyone else in there, and the women's appeared locked up (which we later found out it wasnt). they had left a label on there telling how to not damage the basin. like 'dont sit or place heavy objects on it' and ' use mild detergents'...right. i dunno if thats for more for the owners benefit or for the males that intend to damage basins whenever they go to eat out.


James said...

we like to break basins in toilets.

I like that 888 restaurant - they have a tops Mongolian Lamb.

amie said...

thats nothing really. u should see the toilet in the females at work, the bowl was cracked! it's still out of order.