Saturday, April 22

let down

was in parra today and had 2 hrs to kill. i was soo excited when i found a 3 tiered serving stand at Homeart. it looked soo nice. and i dont have a tiered platter type thing. a few hrs later of thinkin 'i dont need it...but it'd look good if i made more cupcakes...i'm not likely to use's only 15 bucks...i havent even used my other large platter much...maybe i should just get it'. that went on loop for a while. in the end i got it. i was like a little kid, beaming happily about, hugging it around the train station.
i got home. it was faulty. it didnt assemble properly. hmm. a little disappointed but oh well, i'll my 15 bucks back. on closer inspection, it didnt seem to be of good quality anyway.
well that was a waste of thoughts. it really did look good at first.
my newly purchased cd's (perry como-$5!! triple j: like a version-$25) and toy cap gun for a friend (mwahaha) made up for the loss though. much much excitement there too.

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