Monday, April 3

usual expected cake woes

This is going to be a busy week. i havent posted any random stuff as an unspoken climax to the business of this week. it hasnt started well.

On the agenda is a wedding cake and birthday cake, both for saturday. As my practice cake turned out superb, i wasnt too worried. as i was making it i wasnt too worried. As i was baking i got worried. stupid me. i saw the warning signs but took no notice of them. i had overfilled the tin with batter. this wouldnt have been too much of a drama had i lined the tin without a gap, permitting it to all ooze out. i didnt even notice until an hour later. not happy. i did a taste check though. mm gooey chocolate.

this wasnt the end of my troubles. this cake and the other pictured sunk in the middle. it went down completely about half the tin. i am very sad indeed. im going to cheat and although i highly am against it qualitywise, i'm going to try to fill it in with the fallen out recooked batter. im not sure how it'll hold up when its cut up, but fingers crossed the weight will all moosh it together. *frown* *frown again*
Look at it. its sunken soo much, if that was filled with liquid a lego man would surely drown. I even went to look for a lego man for scaling purposes but found none.
i think it could have something to do with cooking two cakes at a time or opening and closing the oven door frequently. either way not good, this is the second time for making a wedding cake and the second time for some baking calamity. i hope this trend doesnt continue.
i'm decorating it tomorrow.

hopefully my hands survive too. so dry and sore from the frequent washing and washing of dishes and stirring. i think if i did this full time i would have such giant my right arm. and probably stuffed up wrists.

but i do like it. really.

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