Sunday, March 26

Feel Chicken tonight?

i havent quite yet got that confidence that ppl have of taking pics of their food in public. so i was very disappointed when i didnt get a pic of the ginoromous piece of garlic bread from Positano's at Parra at Bec's hen's night. they were so long, almost 2 standard pen-lengths long. besides the fact that it had its usual pools of butter soaking through it, i really enjoyed it. nice and crunchy with the bits of flour on the outside, not quite garlicy enuf though. i'd love to see what it would look like as a loaf, wide load coming through. it was the highlight of food for me that night.
i did however get a section of dinner. Italian chicken - with sundried tomatoes and eggplant. and a lota chicken there was. every bite was chicken, which is good if u like chicken, but it was the eggplant that i mainly after.

Italian chicken chicken chicken

i was helping with a youth sleepover the night before, when told that her leader was having a hen's night, one the yr 6 girls asked "do u eat chicken [on the night]?" well that wasnt the idea but we did have chicken indeed.

and there was satay chicken pizza. it tasted as good as it smelt. pity about the appearance. think about satay sauce, the orangey brownish mass, add small diced pieces of chicken. mix vigourously in ur mouth. pour on center of pizza. and that was roughly wat it looked like. but hey it tasted really good.
the other piece i had was something with prawns, bacon and onion. when u pick off the onions and fat pieces of bacon ur not left with much. the base of the pizzas were the best (besides the garlic bread) it was like flat bread, so u fill up more on the fillings than bread. mm crispy.
despite my usual known routine, i didnt play with my food. there was nothing to play with cos we ate it all up, most. it was that good. (although i was swirling a little melted ice-cream later, but nothing grotesque.)

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