Thursday, April 20


what i'm eating now: green moosh. ie. celery n avocado.
im using a nutrition n exercise program where u record all that u eat. it's quite tedious. but since im sitting here for so long i might as well do it. it's kinda interesting. so far i've noticed that i've exceeded my fat limit everyday, and besides the carbs, everything else is below the minimum requirement. hmm. i like avocados, but they do seem to contribute quite a bit. another thing that has been contributing a bit is these cupcakes that i made on sunday for supper at church. i didnt take them all, had to leave some for me. they are so light and easy to munch. it's like a whole island of cupcakes. they almost didnt turn out when i mis-understood mum's instructions. the globs of butter didnt look quite right bobbing about in the egg and milk mixture.

question: i have a cadbury creme egg. i only want the chocolate exterior. anyone have suggestions for what to do with the super sweet innard?


chocolatesuze said...

haha solution to your egg: bite the top chocolate bit off turn egg upside down and let the insides drip out... that happened to me unintentionally when i was talking on the fone...
record what you eat? hahah that sounds like fun!!!

JJ said...

Grow a creme chicken!

amie said...

- ew. sticky.
- haha. i think the contents are a tad too scrambled for that.