Monday, April 10

musical food

i like free stuff. as u can download music from triple j, i'm pretty happy. one of the songs they have are 'your arms around me' by Jens Lekman. i had never heard him before but thought i'd give it a go, esp due to its freeness. the first line got me. "i was slicing up an avocado, when you came up behind me". now how can u pass a song that mentions an avocado? its funny stuff throughout. give it a listen. its freee.
this then prompted me to wonder what other foods are in songs. and there are many.
i went to the hmv site and did a search of song titles with food. very interesting.

a- apple candy - ben lee
b- have a banana - beatles
c- celery root - emma soundtrack
d- durian - orchestra
e- eggplant - train
f- fig jam- butterfingers
g- goat cheese - screamfeeder (?)
h- ham and eggs - slim dusty
i- ice cream - sarah McLachlan
j- guava jelly - bob marley
k- kumquat - twits (?)
l- lychee - borne (?)
m- muffin man - shrek 2 soundtrack
n- nuts - barbra streisand
o- onion song - marvin gaye
p- peanut butter man - meet joe black soundtrack
q- champagne and quail - pink panther cd
r- radish - josh arnold (?)
s- sprout and the bean - joanna newsom (i love that song)
t- savoy truffle - beatles
u- band called urchin (?)
v- vanilla sky - paul McCartney
w- watermelon man - herbie hancock
y- yeast - armand van helden (?)
z- the zucchini song - tim curry

i'm pushing it for u and z. but its something. i couldn't think of any food starting with x. sheesh i was struggling with most, without having to think up that one. let me know if u can think of a food.

and yes, i really dont wanna do my actual work THAT much.


Kit said...

How about "X'mas dinner"?

amie said...

hmm. thats cheating a bit. but it'll do. haha