Thursday, April 27

bitter as a rotten bittermelon

ok, maybe not that bitter, but quite angry. i went to parra to get the FAULTY platter refunded. it did not happen. the storeperson tried assembling it, didnt quite go together. her boss tried it, and after MUCH fiddling and shoving, she says something along the lines of 'its not faulty, all the others are the same, u can exchange it but i cant give u a refund if because it assembles'. GRRRR. she had OBVIOUSLY been struggling and it OBVIOUSLY was not at all stable! no fool would buy it if it looked like that. GRRR. i had all these arguments in my head but they didnt quite reach my mouth. the boss didnt look like one to budge regardless of what customers said. i opted for getting something else. took me a long half an hr to find something. nothing looks good after a bad experience. ended up getting a plate, bowl and fondue set. still not happy.
lesson for today:
- do not be so impulsive (which i rarely am and is why i spent 15mins to decide whether to get avocado sushi or prawn sushi)
- throughly check the quality of items before purchasing

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JJ said...

I had to go for a return today, the bloody iPod car charger I had didn't fit in the cigarette lighter for my car. The dude was gonna try to BS me into not being able to refund but I brought my phone charger with me and showed him the difference in plug so he had to refund.

Wait, I guess this isn't really making you feel better.