Sunday, April 9

after the party

well the wedding was great. with the bride looking beautiful of course, and the groom looking handsome. ah happy times. the reception was held at a church hall at Wilberforce. it looked fantastic and there was plently of space to move around. the guys did a super job decorating it, staying up heaps late to do it. what troopers.
the food was...buffet style...let's just say that i've had better, much better. but i'd rather not dwell on such things. I'm glad that i could share that evening with a whole bunch of great ppl.
and not to sound like i've got a big head, but ppl seemed to really like my cake. so that was nice, and a relief. big relief. the inside was cooked enuf after all. bec and tristan were happy with it. and considering they had initially been satisfied with a Sara Lee choc slab cake, im glad i could enhance from that idea much much more. it adds to a wedding, having nice cake. it also helped that i could just make it up however i liked.
at some weddings ppl throw the cake into each others faces, carrying on having a merry messy time. i've only just realised that due to the large amount of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears (ok maybe not the later few) spent on making and decorating the cakes, if that happened to one of my cakes i'd be sooo offended. i'd be down right outraged. no only is it a waste of tasty fat, but all that effort going on the floor. so if ur even thinking of it, you future marrying ppl, DONT. please.
on a vaguely similar note, the delivery wasnt any drama. all stayed intact as i flew round the corners. thank goodness. good ole trusty grip mat.

more excess. i had a just-in-case small cake and all week i was debating wat to do with it (besides eat it myself). luckily i was reminded that it was my parents 26th anniversary, so just used it for that. plus i had an inkling that mum was wanting some. which is fair enuf. wow 26 yrs is a long time. but good on to them. many more yrs to come i'd wanna think.

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