Friday, April 7

"eat me", "eat me" said the alien

watch out for the aliuums

thats the second cake of the week done. it's ok. the bday girl happy. ( happy 10th bday rishona) i like the protrudingness of the Cool Fruits on the body. makes it really look a desirabe way, for a cake.
once again i had baking dramas, of it not baking to plan. but it should be fine. it better be. oh pressure. and silly me. i thought 'i'll save time on friday by making the icing on thursday'. it ended up taking longer cos the icing became stiff as you would expect it to after putting it in the fridge. this would normally have been good, had it been on the cake. noted for next time. grr.
oh and this idea was thanks to the Women's Weekly cookbook. with adjustments made of course. they're one had an oval head. but surely, who uses an oval tin anyway. although i did follow some of the lolly amounts. 12 orange Cool Fruits, 9 yellow Cool Fruits and 27 green skittles. i counted. so much fun sorting colours. ah, good ole primary school days and the tasks to be done.
those little wing things on the faces are haw flakes. most interesting. i didnt know they were from a plant. or wat they really even were. and that seems to be the only brand. how unusual and unique. they were just some sweet edible thing that mum always brought back the asian shop, and when u shared them with ur friends they were like wat is that!?!

mmm truffles

i turned the excess mud cake into truffles. added almond and rolled in coconut. it was pretty good, the cake was so gooey that it stuck together well enuf. that is after i smooshed it in my hand watching all the oil squeeze out. mm oil. pretty happy with them. i was going to take them to church for supper on Sunday in order to share the [oil] load. but after looking at the amount thats left, i dont think they'll quite make it. 'ah i'll have one...noo must have self-control...aah i'll just have another.'

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thuy said...

amie u are making my mouth water! yummmmmmmmmm.... hehehe
u are getting better and better at making cakes, and taking their fotos!