Sunday, March 19

sunday sunshine

sunday seems to have a happy brightness to it. something relaxing. i like it. and so wat better way to start the day, than to bake! or cos i didnt want the buttermilk to go off and we had ripe bananas. banana almond muesli muffins it was, again. but from a different recipe. and with my adjusting and guessing, it still turn out pretty good i thought. i'm considering taking them to church for supper with a little sign, "Fresh Friendly Fibre - Muffins"

what does ur fridge say about u? mum came back from shopping. here's what our fridge says:

vegetables. many vegetables. (which is definately a good thing)

and fruit (also pleasing)

earlier it had been had said 'feed me, NOW!!' but now its all good. i reckon there's an art to fridge packing too.


Nat said...

So true. Packing your fridge is an art. You can see the best when you watch MTV Cribs haha

thuy said...

wow amie, ur fridge is filled with healthy fruit and veges! So healthy -_-