Wednesday, March 22

field trip

went all the way from richmond to the city today for uni, had to meet a dude from a design company. seems like my ideas for my honours work has been cut down to finger-size. have to modify ideas. hmm.
the day wasnt all disappointing news. turns out that my supervisor is more into food than i realised. on his insistence (and us willingly agreeing), we went off to the local french patisserie which he loved dearly. and despite my efforts i couldnt convince him to walk rather than drive the few metres. phht. it was a lovely overcast day with no rain. haha.

over to Jean Marc's Patisserie (in Pyrmont) we went. it was just a little store and one could easily have past it but inside it would be hard to not pass the delish looking baked goods. mm tarts, croissants, buns, slices, cakes etc. all good stuff. there was an impressive shiny choc dome cake, wooo imagine hacking into that. i thought i'd better get something for learning purposes, so apple custard slice it was. to those that know me: yes i was frantically racing through the choices in my head and trying to decide as quick as possible, oh the stress.
once again. 'it was ok'. hmm, ok, thoughts in my head... i liked the crunchiness of the apple slices and the feeling of their thinness in my mouth...oh there is custard...this pastry is a little hard...not too sweet... nice.

goodness. the things ppl eat never cease to amaze me. my supervisor got the choc tart AND mixed berry tart. just too much sugar for my seeing in one sitting. the berry one looked really good though, and i had contemplated it. guess i'll just have to go back. also of note, i was told to check out Simon Johnson, some kind of well known foodie store, that happened to be across the road.

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