Wednesday, March 15

mud cake trial

i found a new mud cake recipe to trial for an upcoming wedding. despite what other people said i didnt like the previous one, it was more like a solid fudge. not a cake at all.
reading through it, it seemed straight fwd enuf. it was just a little weird with having to buy buttermilk since i never use it normally.
i made it and, Oh My Goodness! i was actually pleased with this cake! im rarely happy with what i make. but this one was sweet and soft and LIGHT and still moist! i couldnt believe. and there werent any dramas with the baking either, not splitting of oils. i even followed the recipe correctly completely this time! u have no idea how happy it made me. i just hope it turns out as good next time i make it.
note: i did observe the oily residue on my fingers upon sampling. and the 550 GRAMS of SUGAR! but i didnt dwell on this long enuf to let it hinder my joy.

1 comment:

Nat said...

What an awesome photo amie!! It really does look real good. I really want some now.
Your finally happy with your cake thats so cool. This moment will go down in history hehe