Monday, March 13

camp food

i just got back from our church camp at Toukley. heaps good company. heaps learnt from the bible. heaps of food.
everyone that's been to camps know that the food isnt always something to particularly look forward to. but i was surprisingly impressed. well at some things. early saturday morning greeted me with toasted muesli with corn flakes and banana. i dunno wat brand the muesli was, but oh my, the pumpkin seeds and almonds. mm mm. although they did have rather large clumps of dates stuck together, u get that. gave the teeth quite a work out, but the chewy tasty fibre goodness was worth it.
the other fantastic food was the scones. they were so light and soft and not dry. and the cream so light and cloud-like. mmm. could go for one now. esp compared to my attempt at making scones last thursday, these were super. i'd liken mine to lumps of damper. dry and still edible but much better tasting after plopping copious amounts of cream on top.
had a hamburger for lunch. the bun was Gigantic! and so that meant the patty was large and quickly became filled up with other fillings, part of which consisted of 2 small rings of cucumber (and i was lucky, my friend got 1) and a tablespoon of lettuce (possibly even less). it took me ~30mins to get through the stack. could barely even get my mouth over it. the little boys on the table were laughing cos they had managed to finish theirs in a matter of a few minutes. its crazy. how do u ppl do it? chewing is an important part of digestion!

there wasnt much to the rest of the food, just the usual bulk cooked camp food. i must admit though i am thankful for the food and was never hungry. i was in fact the complete opposite. stuffed as anything. it was like non-stop. breakfast, time for a session, oh look its morning tea time, another session, oh gee lunch already. activity time in which i went flying through the air strapped only [safely] by a harnass. luckily the burger had digested enuf to stay down on the giant swing/fling but not enuf to work up an appetite for dinner. more games then supper. i like food, but not that much. ppl cant be THAT hungry/in need of energy.
one final note. cordial can be nice for sometimes. but water is better for always. it disturbed me to see cordial at every meal. yes disturbed. green detergent looking watery liquid. yellowy i-shall-not-name watery liquid etc. and i wasnt the only one either. the mums were concerned too. as they should be. drink water ppl! its great! mm refreshing.


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thuy said...

sounds like u had fun, not sure about the food though hehe