Friday, March 3


38. that is the number of Clinkers u can expect to be popping into that gaping large hole on ur face that is ur mouth from a 180g pkt. and how would i know this, because i counted them. over a period of under 2 months. (for some reason though, not that many ppl that i encounter know wat it is.)
yes i eat slow but it would be plain boring to sit there just counting them all in an instant. instead i prolonged the enjoyment that food can bring by keeping a tally of the number of times i guessed the right and wrong colour centre of these chocolate coated lumps. yes i know i'm sad. but months of fun for the family. well maybe just me. and yes i ate them all. ALL myself.
turns out im a terrible guesser. i got 12 right and 26 wrong. had i guessed green every time i probably would have got a higher right amount. there were just soo many greens. very disappointing. apparently u can tell the colour by its shape. i have an experienced clinker-consuming friend.
when i thought about it further (38 later), i realised i dont really like them that much. its just the novelty of guessing. and biting off the chocolate.

INFO (per clinker)
weight: 4.74g
energy: 95.68kJ
protein: 0.26g
fat: 0.92g
sat. fat: 0.56g
carbohydrates: 3.36g
sodium: 5.68g

mwwahaha. if u follow the link u'll encounter some interesting comments. such as "If you're looking to increase your calcium intake, consider adding milk chocolate to your diet." and "Eat chocolate for better health" oh how ppl can take that out of context.
although they do repeat: "Enjoy chocolate in moderation as part of a well balanced diet and active lifestyle."

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Nat said...

Haha never thought you would be eating a whole bag of clinkers.
Guess the cake crave has tuned down..........for now!!