Monday, February 27

21st present-part 2

Besides making the cake for saby, i decided to get her a platter too. now i couldnt just give her an empty platter, after what is expected from me. that would be like saying "no more cake for u!" and so friday had been my baking frenzy day. as well as making the cheese cake i made these fat babies.

top clockwise: sultana and sunflower seed cookies, star cut-out from chocolate almond rings, chocolate almond rings, shortbread, more star cut-out biscuits but with filling.

the stars were little and cute so there was no way i was just gonna roll them up to make more rings. hehe, me lil starry bites. i think my fav (eating-wise) are the sultana ones though, maybe cos they have some kinda fruit bits. i still havent got round to making a giant cookie yet. this recipe could work. and did u know that shortbread is just butter and flours. JUST that. nothing else!! hmm i dont think my brain agrees with that. dont worry stomach, mouth says its dry and too crumbily anyway. dont think i'll be too keen to make again.

oh so much excess. eat eat eat.


Nat said...

Success!! I have left a comment!!
some of those biscuts look familiar haha

thuy said...

amie those cookies look delicious...yummmy