Thursday, February 9

But we didnt have any

(Banana almond muesli cake)
The bananas were getting very ripe so i had to take action. which i did after 3 days of contemplation. It's quite disappointing when u have trouble looking for a basic recipe, 3 out of the 4 recipes that i found for banana muffins called for butter milk. but we didnt have any. so i settled on the other.
This was straight forward to make and used only 100g of butter. for the amount it made i wasnt complaining for a change. i added muesli too. mm wholemeal goodness. and reduced the chocolate content cos i was using leftovers. mm added almondy goodness.
With the batter ready i went to reach for the cupcake patty cases, but we didnt have any. boring cake tins it was to be. they just dont have the same feel when ur eating them. muffins are compact and have individualised care and attention. whereas a piece of cake is just an insignificant bit that has been chopped off another bulk. they just dont feel as special. hmm mayb i'm thinkin a little to deep about it. It was not a complete disappointment. joy overcame me again when i saw my mini loaf tin awaiting to be used. it was perfect. i love my little individual bakeware.
Thinking of how to decorate it i knew banana chips would work well, but we didnt have any. Then i thought silvered almonds would also make do, but we didnt have any. so halved almonds it was. perhaps i should have scatter more.
I've realised why people zoom in so much when taking pics of food. to get all that detail and focus on the food and nothing else. this may also be cos (*cough* lazy) it saves a great deal of time having to make a pretty setting to add atmosphere and enhance the food. i would have liked to for my oh-so-cute loaf, with a pot of jam and scattered almonds, but we didnt have...i mean i thought i'd go rustic...i mean i was lazy.

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