Wednesday, February 1

chilli + ulcer = ouch

I dont know what i was thinking. i probably wasnt thinking if anything. i saw the word on the menu yet i still ordered it. Penne - tomato, olive, CHILLI and basil, at Babar Cafe in Penrith. i realised my mistake after i took a nibble this big [--] literally. hmm spicy but tolerable, but only just. my stomach did not agree with my lip. one was telling me 'must eat' while the other was screaming in pain. what a dilemma. Luckily my companions were in a chatty mood so i managed to get through the decent sized small dish at a leisurely pace without it being too obvious (i hope!) Thank goodness for water. the theory of 'continue eating so that ur tongue adapts to the heat' didnt really work the entire time. i could feel the nose going for a bit of a run.
i think i quite like basil. still not keen on the super oily residues. u can make cool imprints on ur serviette though.


thuy said...

had that experience, not a very nice one too -_-

Chrissie said...

I can safely say this as I live there, Penrith does not boast much in the way of good food. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but mostly the kids of the 'riff don't know how to cook.

Nice blog so far. I found you via one Mr Prawn, btw.

Happy Eating!