Monday, January 31

The challenge is set

I have set myself a challenge! At every opportunity that I can, I am aiming to make some form of food (usually dessert) and so far this has progressed ok.
It began with a bit of a sponge theme, with Peach Swiss Roll for dessert with Lou, Daniel and Alicia

Followed by Trifle for Australia Day lunch
It was my first time making trifle and people seemed to enjoy it. I think personally I'm not a fan of the moosh. Funny, people generally don;t like soggy Weetbix but they don't mind soggy cake... To practise sponge making I even made the cake from scratch and kinda cheated by using a swiss roll recipe. Worked ok.

We were going to head to Australia Day dinner as well so I made a simple sponge cake, I even brought round my icing sugar and sieve so I could decorate it at the last minute! But we didn't end up going so I didn't bother icing, hence no pic.

Btw, I'm now officially enrolled into TAFE, so hoorah I'm really heading into things now. Excitement plus.

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