Tuesday, December 28

Jess & Chris' wedding cake

November saw the wedding of my sister's friends: Jess & Chris.
It's very handy when people like the style of cakes that I've already made before. And also it gave me an excuse to organise a day off work just to go buy square cake tins. Hoorah.
Chocolate cake with ivory icing.

I heard about the ivory coloured icing from a friend but I personally don't think it adds too much more the overall appearance. The ivory was quite subtle, but the icing quality itself was good. I love my new 50cm  rolling pin and non-stick mat that I bought in America, this combined with the icing helped reduce the stress level when covering the cake.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you made birthday cakes for public


amie said...

Hi Anh,

I've never been requested to make a cake based on my blog before actually! How flattering :)
I'm open to the idea. It depends on where the cake would need to be delivered to, as the logistics
would be my first consideration.


yull yu yu said...


I've was taken here via Chocolate Suze blog

your cakes look great

was also wondering if you would like make a cake for our wedding