Saturday, January 23

Parra dining

Last minute bonus outings are fun.
Friday night dinner, off we went to the ever popular Temasek in Parra. 4 people = $65, not bad.

Entree - spring rolls and prawns

As much as i like vegies, consumption was hindered by spicyness. No tears from me at least


Nasi Goreng

Stuffed as monkeys, we waddled over to Church St and the somewhat new Chocolateria San Churro instantly appealled. Actually it made me think of Max Brennars but it was worth a go to try a churro for the first time.

Churro = Spanish doughnut = extruded dough-stick of friedness. Mm oil...not my thing really. The chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, marshmallow, peanuts and brownies however was a different story. The plate for 2 ($20) was plenty for the four of us who only wanted a light dessert. It's was so tempting to lick the fondue bowl, but Saby and I managed to resist - as much as we could.

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