Wednesday, January 20

Happy Birthday to...Me!!

I love happy birthdays. I was lucky enough to spread it over into my own long weekend.

Starting with Friday night dinner at home with family and friends. Thanks mum for cooking up a feast.
Again I was excited when my brain worked and the idea of an ice-cream cake popped into my head.

Easiest cake ever, although it looked prettier in my imagination. I got a few packs of the Bulla Creamy Classics range so that it was lucky dip for which flavour you got, with there being: Vanilla, Vanilla & Choc, Choc, Cookies and Cream, Neopolitan. I got carried away being so conscious of it melting that forgot to try to take a better picture.

John's mum brought round a tasty cheesecake too for dessert.

Then rolling onto Saturday I had a great time with school buddies sleeping over at the zoo. In case you're wondering it wasnt stinky where we were, the tents were quite luxurious - to me anyway. And we were well fed with a buffet dinner of salads, chicken, roast pork, noodle stirfry and roast vegies.

Imagine waking up to this. Well I didnt have to :)

My favourite animals to visit, the meerkats

We got to feed giraffes!!!

And see the new baby elephant, Luk Chai. Whenever someone mentioned its name I thought of tea.

I certainly was a happy chappy the whole time I was at the zoo.

And then there was more! Between heading over to Crows Nest for lunch, we stopped by a cafe in Neutral Bay for mini brunch.

Ronz tasty cake

I dont think I've tried poached eggs before but the look of Karina's dish made me want to try them some time. They looks so well-formed, soft and delicate.

We eventually made it to The Counter, meeting up with uni buddies for lunch. What a funky and makes-sense idea - you have a checklist and tick off what you would like on your burger / salad. Brilliant!

My beef, egg, corn & black bean salsa, beetroot burger. Gosh it was big. I could only finish half!

Ronald bought me a birthday cake too, from Michel's Patisserie since I changed my mind about my bringing my cupcakes I had made earlier.
The apple crumble shake was an interesting concept as well. Mm apple chunks. I'm glad my sis helped me out in finishing it.

And to top my long weekend off I spent it at the beach, doing the walk from Bondi to Bronte. I even enjoyed it in the water after my initial hesitations. Learn from my lesson kiddies, remember to put suncream on! Oh the reddness.
Although I hadnt intended too, I ended up picking up another roll / burger for lunch.

Mmm, you cant go by smoked salmon

I love happy days.

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Betty said...

what a great idea for the icecream cake so quick and easy although id prob try it with gaytime mm!