Thursday, May 8

Wentworth Falls, Bondi, Christening


Hello average but edible Pannaroti food that I wouldn't intentionally go to eat at. (Minestrone with garlic bread) It was good time to catch up for Loz's birthday though.
The laughs rolled on to a local Blacktown cafe with funky glasses for ice-cream and had Mars Bar crepes.
You're lucky dear reader. Following a muddy but fun walk in Wentworth Falls I was ranting and raving about having to eat Red Rooster. Yes ME. EAT RED ROOSTER. Skinfree or not, I grumble against these franchised fast food take away places. Although I know it's hypocritical considering where I work. I'll spare you of the further ranting.
mm 'appertising'....filled the hole...thank you God for food....

Ah nature. Hello bridge, rocks and tower at Botany Bay.
Followed by dinner at Bondi at Il Puntino. My osso bucco was a bit room temperature, but after a sigh and a thought, maybe it was due to the time it had to go from the kitchen, across the cold breezey pathway, and the delay in photo taking...Still should have been hotter though. It was nice that they let me take the 2nd chunk of meat in a doggy bag. Big meat. The chirpy waiter was amusing and added a + to the experience.
John's tasty not-so-room-temp Chicken stuffed with prawn and prosciutto

Finally, poor photos of a christening cake I decorated for my neighbour's grand-daughter.

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Wow, love the christening cake ! well done Dana