Tuesday, April 15

Bday, Surry Hills festival

Happy Bday to my dear. It wouldnt be a present from me if it didnt involve food. I took a pic of the biscuits before baking just in case they fell apart, luckily they didnt. That last piece at the bottom is part of the "th". It was initially the H for happy, but the letters got progressively larger.

Friday night of the school holidays, time to relax. With my movie voucher it was off to Parra, but first dinner at Sahara.

I had a hankering for fish so chose the barramundi with vege. John got the lamb shanks. Tasty, I was so full. It's about the 3rd time that I've been here and I was again reminded of what friendly service they have. Tops stuff.
The movie Prom night was average but entertained. No much character development, lack depth, anti-climatic ending but was interesting enough watching it all unfold. But hey, I'm no film critic. The plan was for Run Fat Boy Run but I wasnt going to fork out the extra for gold class, goodness you still end up seeing the movie.

Saturday was off to the Surry Hills festival. Lots of food, clothes, various other stalls and music. Pretty good. Their purpose was to raise money for the community centre. There were quite a lot of ppl, must be a pretty big centre too.

Mm rocky road.

Aww piggylet with bunny.

Lunch in the making, seafood paella. (From the bottom) Pan 1 "Ready": on the boil/simmer; Pan 2 "Set": tasty stock almost absorbed; Pan 3 "Go": awaiting plating up

Yum. Very seafoody with lots of mussel, squid and prawn. Again, so full, I was only going to get something small.

The other week, in Newtown I was soo excited as I browsed the salad bar Taste. So many choices, so much colour and veges. Alas I expected too much and was disappointed.

Chicken pesto - I chose this for the avocado, unfortunately when plated up there wasnt much there. Hmm unblanched beans.

Sister's Tortellini pesto with chicken. We're not really that crazy about pesto, it was a coincedence. Hmm undercooked pumpkin, I did warn her about cold thick pasta.

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chocolatesuze said...

aw happy birthday to john! great idea with the bikkies dude!