Saturday, April 7


It's good to get away.
Away to the peaceful, quiet and slow north coast; where everyone are friendly to each other, where the day doesnt start till 2pm, and where the only stress is deciding between going to the beach or to the bush.

John had kindly invited me to accompany him to as he visited his dad and stepmum up to Valla for a few days (near Nambucca Heads - about 6hrs from Sydney). I had a jolly good time meeting and hanging out with them. No jokes are corny when you all have a similar sense of humour.

Ahhh, it's good to get away.

Mark & Suzie's place (Like to live here? Well you can! It's actually for sale. Fantastic view and space :P )

The view from the hill next to their place, with their horses)More fantastic green views

Valla Beach, just 5 mins away. Beware it can get quite crowded like when we had 6 people in total on that afternoon.Nambucca River - on a cloudy day. The water looks much clearer and scenic on a sunny but pretty nevertheless.Wandering down along the breakwall we came to the beachy and rocky area. I cant get over how cool the texture of the rock is. It's all layered and you can see where the water has been moving through.Iiiinteresting :)Skeleton remainsMosaic outside the front of the police station on the main street of Nambucca HeadsGiant apple pie with generous amounts of apple filling from the local bakery (No Health Conscious Mark & Suzie, we didnt eat this high sugar and fat product...we just purchased it to provide an example of the types of goods sold...and then disposed of it in a way we thought most appropriate...mmm).Muttonbird Island

Along the way to Coffs Harbour (~30mins away) we passed a place called Hungry Head. Heh heh. We also passed the not-so-Big Banana and quite-big banana plantations to Sealy Lookout. Great view. We then headed back down to the marina of Coffs to where you can see Muttonbird Island. Unfortunately my camera batteries decided to die at this point so I had to take mental pics as we walked (tiringly jogged) over the island. Thats right, from one side to the other. Another must-see fantastic view.

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