Tuesday, April 10

Rock rage

Happy Birthday John!

After passing Christmas and my birthday, it was finally time for me to spoil John on his birthday yesterday.
John loves his music and guitars and so what would be more fitting than to give him a guitar? How about a guitar that he can smash like a rockstar on stage? Obviously it'd be a waste to thrash a guitar no matter how cheap it was - I dont want to be encouraging pointless violence. But what if there were a purpose to it? For example if there were something inside the guitar? Pinatas had been on my mind for quite a while and so I stored this idea until an appropriate time.
I'm quite proud of how it turned out, I like it when my brain works. As I was wrapping it up, I saw a coat from the way the paper was sitting around the body, so I drew on buttons and pockets, and folded a collar on. It was pretty cool and added to the whole gift.

Things just werent as they seemed. As well as the guitar in the coat, I wrapped a wallet in a Lindt box. It was so exciting when I worked out myself how to make a support in the box to place the wallet snuggly in. Oh the fulfilment. My cartoon of us, in the wallet, worked out quite nicely too.

All up it took a few days to make. But it was time and effort spent on a worthwhile purpose (ie. person) I say :)

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James said...

hehe cute :)