Tuesday, January 16

party party PARTY!

Ahhhh. Finally time to rest my feet. Golly it's been such a busy week. Busy but fun and exciting week. This year for my birthday I decided to do what I had really wanted to do for my 21st last year, have friends over my place for eatings. And not just one party, but a whole day of partying! I had school and uni friends over for lunch then church friends for dinner on Saturday. This way I got to talk to more people than running round from group to group. I ended up running around anyway cos I was so excited to see all my friends.
More friends = more food = more prep. I am so lucky that I had the help from my family to get things done. Particularly mum sorting out the food, sisters arranging chairs, foods etc and brother with also getting stuff and taking photos (Rah! I forgot to tell you to take pics of the actual spread)

I made decided on the theme of Little and Cute. And so I made small foods, had small games and small decorations. I made everyone little party hats, which were worn in various ways

For me, every party needs pass-the-parcel. Newspaper is so versatile.

Some of the mini food included shots of chocolate pudding.

And most importantly....CAAAKE!

It's ice-cream cake with choc & biscuit base, vanilla & blueberry top with a bit of strawberry as well. So easy to make too. I used the entire section of vanilla and choc section from a 5L tub of neopolitan ice-cream. I'm so pleased with my little sugar creatures too in their choc cases which I also made. Even if the bear ended up looking like a pig in an inappropriate position. It's just a fat bear alright? Haha. I think I took the same time to think up how to make them as to actually making them. So slowww.

I was so excited since I had the chance to show off my watermelon carving art. So happy with it :D And filling it up with fruit salad really added too it. I love you guys. You are tops. Thanks for coming and for being such super friends. I had a most fantasteric time, I hope you all enjoyed it too. It was so worth organising for :)

For more [and probably better - no offence Waz] photos, see the wonderful Suze's blog.

After Pictionary and poker ended at 5:30, the first of my church friends arrived. Goodness. I was a little tired at this stage. Time to insert a pack of fresh batteries and liven up again. Warren must have been a bit tired of taking photos too.
One birthday + two parties = more cake

It's a tree stump! I was happy with my stump too. Love it. I just went for the standard simple butter cake but swirled it to sort of re-create the rings of a tree. Sort of. (Doh stupid night lights)
Thanks you to all my friends at church for coming too and spending time with me. I did liven up and had a super time with you all. Hope you all enjoyed yourself as well :)


James said...

go the massive amount of food - so creative :D

Nat said...

AHA I see some recycling with the animals!! you know we never got to see the 2nd cake personally!! Its so pretty!! my goodness you really have a world of talent!! you should really get your catalogue out!! Was such a beautiful day!! thanks for letting us share in the fun Amz!! Its great to know we can find a fantastic friend in you =)