Sunday, January 28

Aust day weekend

Despite thinking that I hadnt done anything this past week, it seems I have. Like:

- Going to the breezy picnic dinner in Hyde Park to farewell Lou that has now gone off to NT to teach for the year. This was followed by a stroll to the Opera House area where she was a tourist and took pics of the pretty harbour. You forget that it is quite pretty when you dont see it for awhile.
- Chatting for a few hours over a scantily topped chocolate pizza from Max Brennar's.
- Getting a red rose >_<
- Trying a tiny bit of eel from Tomodachi
- Having a pre-Australia day BBQ
- Getting my feet pampered while listening to System of a Down (combo works well enough, I enjoyed it)
- Making muffins for dessert
- Making pancakes for breakfast
- Remembering that I like wide pasta, while at Euro Bar (Blacktown, Lvl 4)
- Remembering that really full feeling, after following pasta with ice-cream at Mozarts

So quite busy I suppose. Unfortunately I couldnt add in listening to Triple J's Hottest 100. I forgot! Waah! Such a good heap of songs. Last year came out with so much top stuff. I'm happy Augie March was 1.

Smile, it's Australia day and DINNER time.

And DESSERT time. Banana donut (ie. cinnamon) muffins. Recipe from my new muffin cook book that I got.

Banana pancakes with grilled plums. There's nothing like a clear morning walk followed by making breakfast for someone who you know will really appreciate it :)

Euro Bar always looks somewhat empty when I walk past it, despite the emptiness it took a few minutes for them to see 4 adults and a baby in a pram and so get taken to a table. We found out later that they were understaffed due to other employees not turning up. The ones that were there, when present, were quite friendly.

I had eaten here before and got entree size. This was a pretty generous entree I think, and looked similar to Pete's main. Unless they got muddled up and gave me main, like them getting muddled giving Liz ravioli instead of penne. My pasta was definitely enjoyed though.

My parpadelle - mixed seafood with shallot sauceJohn's lasagnePete's 3 cheese tortellini

It's been months. I promise you, months, since I've played with my food. I've normally been very good and finished off my plate, or I've learnt table ettiquite, or they've taken away my plate too quick. So when none of these occured last night, out came the mischief smile and in no time I was stuffing the mussell shell with creamy shalloty pastary mush. Lovely.Then a roll over the other side of the pathway to Mozarts...

My maple and walnut ice-cream. Some of you wont believe it, but this was my third serve of cream for the day....and the 5th day in a row of having ice-cream. Golly. Pete's cheesecake with NOT fake cream.

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James said...

Ooooh nice food ... mmm yum.

And yay for your good week - and you missed a good hottest 100!