Friday, October 27

I'm alive

"Hi everyone, I'm Amie"
"Hi Amie"
"It's been 20 days since I last blogged"
"Well done Amie. How do you feel?"
"Well quite tired, been quite busy you see"
"Yes? So you must have been very productive then and had a lot of work done"
"Um, well sorta"
"Yeah? Tell us about it Amie"
"Er, it's quite a bore really. I've been trying to work on a thesis but it's just such an absolute pain trying to get my brain to function properly"
"Ok, so what did you do about it?"
"Well...I ate oranges, frozen ones. To try to relieve the heated confusion and debates in my head"

"And then simply had to take a break to celebrate my brother's birthday"
"But of course, totally understandable. These sound fine"

"But then the major time-consumer was my scribblings. I just couldnt help myself, rather than dealing with the stress by doing the work I just drew the frustration"
"I see"
"Listening to music helped alleviate the stress which was good. There's so much great
new music out there from Aussie bands"
"Which also distracted you?"
*hang head downwards*
"Well you can see the problem, so perhaps it would be helpful to learn from this lesson?"
"Yes. I'll won't bother trying to make my brain work anymore"
"... ! ..."

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