Saturday, October 7

Have a break. Have a ...

Time for a break from the horrid I-should-of-done-this-earlier-I'm-so-stupid-Is-this-over-yet uni work.
And off to the
Annandale Hotel it was last night for good gig times with good friends.

The chick from Love Outside Andromeda was a lot shorter than she appears in photos that I've seen. Music was ok, not quite what I was after I suppose. (thanks for the pics, Lou)
I really liked
SubAudible Hum that were supporting them though. Nice mix of loud and not so loud stuff. As usual, it's quite amusing watching people. They had so much energy. The singer did these funky moves while playing his guitar and you could see the drummer fully getting into it. He sings (yells) a lot for a drummer. They would all make great air guitarists I'd imagine.

Other eating: the new flavour in Cadbury Roses, Chocolate Supreme

Mm smooth centre. Look it's a chair.

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