Wednesday, September 27

food happiness

Uni makes me sad.
Today was another one of those days. So sad that it made me really want a doughnut. No! I dont want to turn to food for comfort. Least not those foods. Fortunately none was around.
On the walk to the station though I remembered, with great delight, my lunch.

Corn made me happy.
Vege snacking is tops.

Something else that I remembered was the chocolate sponge cake and ice-cream in the freezer.
This made me very happy too.

I've never known the 2 to go so well together, along with the choc topping and strawberries.


James said...

good use of the word 'tops'. I would've left out the 'vege' bit though... ;)

Good to see you tonight :)

amie said...

No veges? No way!

Your singing is coming along nicely