Sunday, July 2

5 confessions meme

I was reading suze's blog and then was like "oh hello. there's me." I'm guessing I do it and pass it on...?

5 items in the freezer
1. meat
2. ice-cream
3. loaf of bread
4. loaf of bread crust ends
5. vegies

5 items in my closet
1. old notes from uni
2. shoes
3. sugar flowers
4. cake boxes
5. hand bags

5 items in my car- dont own one but if I did
1. street directory
2. tissues
3. sun shade
4. cloth
5. plastic bag

5 items in my wallet
1. EFT card
2. old receipts
3. 5c coins
4. times for the afternoon trains from Richmond
5. old train tickets

Hmm. I dont actually know if anyone reads this. Or if they do, they dont have a blog. (feel free to tell me otherwise!) So I guess I'll, food blog reading is yet to grow. I need to see pretty pictures.

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