Sunday, June 25

Happy weddings

Ahh. Weddings are such happy times.
Daniel and Kat's followed this trend. Congrats to them. I was very lucky to be able to share this special day with them.

The reception was at the pretty Oatlands House. The greeting by the warm fireplace was very welcome after my usual dilemma of driving and detours.
Food was pretty good too. In such situations I focus more on the reason for being there rather than food quality, but it was pretty top-notch.

Italian beef lasagne with griled eggplant and cheese sauce. (I like this one quite a bit, it didnt have that oilness that lasagne can tend to have. And had a nice big juicy slab of eggplant, but shallots?)

Veal champignon (Mmm smooth mash)

Chocolate profiteroles, hot chocolate sauce. (Ooh *drool* the chocolate sauce was so chocolately I had to refrain from licking the plate)

Oatlands cheesecake (the other option)

All desserts are worthy of a mention.

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to swap the profiteroles for the cheesecake. In the end Ross kindly shared half of his dish with me. He even went to the effort to scrape half of the sauce and cut the strawberry in half. What a funny one he is. This worked well for me, being able to alternate. The cheesecake was pretty heavy and the profiterole light. I think I prefered the profiterole with its hidden custardy goodness inside and creeeam.

For a change I wasnt the one to play with their food...AT ALL. Ross made a fantastic mushy tower of cheesecake, complete with a covering of the serviette.

OOh and the wedding cake. I was impressed. It looked so good, classy. It was simple yet not bare, with the cornelli (snail trail) being a great filler between the ribbons. I admire the little flowers cos they can take forever to make and assemble. Kat's mum did a fantastic job.

Each level had a different flavor, with chocolate mud and fruit cake. Stupid me didnt get about to actually tasting it. I'm sure it would have been great as it looked.

In other random thoughts, formal occasions are so very formal and extravagant. So much glassware and cutlery are used goodness me. Wine glass, toasting glass, soft drink glass; Butter knife and plate, entree knife, fork and spoon, main knife and fork, dessert spoon and fork. Goodness the table was full even without the food. Cup, fork and knife out do me fine. Save water and washing I say.

Even eating is a formality, with Andrew explaining the procedure for cutting, buttering and eating bread!

Ahh. good times, happy day. Marriages certainly are a gift from God.

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