Friday, May 26

oh you pizza

I have come to a realisation (again), that I dont really like eating out for pizza. actually eating out in general for most things. I have too high an expectation or super unrealistic ones. This, I found at dinner at the local J Three 16 pizza restaurant in Toongabbie. It is in an industrial area so I tried not to expect too much.

The thick bread and meagre toppings, ie cheese n cheese, just dont do it for me. I dunno about you but I like some substance to my meal. That is why after one bite of the Magareta pizza (pictured) i felt quite sad. There's only so much pizza I can fit in my stomach so I might as well get one I consider as decent as possible. I swapped it for a Thai chicken. woo hoo for A snow pea and some cashews. Even though I had a medium sized bite it was like playing Chubby bunny, except with pizza. So chewy with cheese.
Oooh and the garlic pizza. They cut it like a grid as opposed to slices. It was like pillows. square pillows of cheese. looked pretty cool but just cheese + garlic + thick bread, not for me.
What can I say. It's pizza.
On a plus-plus side, their mixed salad had a nice big chunk of avocado. That made me happy.
Also of interest was their cups. they were more like bowls. giant bowls of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. with giant saucers to match. I like them.

Overall it was a good night. The dinner was a prayer dinner to sorta conclude the series that we had been going through at church since easter, and apparently all over Sydney other churchs were also going through it. Praying is good. Praying plus eating, even better. Quite a large bunch of us went, so company was good.

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