Monday, May 29

another one of those crazy asians

There's a term in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (but I cant remember what) that describes how they did an experiment on a robot by a removing part of its circuitry. It was placed in a room with a pencil in front of it. The robot would think 'oh a pencil', pick it up and accidently drop it, it'd look to the floor think 'oh a pencil', pick it up and accidently drop it; and so the cycle continues. i seem to do this often. in today's instance, it's going to the hairdresser.

There is a reason why I dont go often. I only remember afterwards. I feel very burdensome cos I dont really know what I want, so then when I'm trying to explain it comes out slowly and incoherently, which makes me feel like I'm annoying the hairdresser. And you dont wanna do that while they are handling your hair. and so i sit there squirming in my seat as they do their thing and I'm too afraid to say anything and so I leave unhappy.
Well semi-unhappy today. I went to HairPort in Blacktown (Westpoint) cos I had been there last time and I had liked the cut and it was cheap. I had asked for a hair cut but you cant even tell that it's been cut. I repeatedly asked for above the shoulders. but no. still a fat chunk of hair that I do not wish to be there. *siiiigh* Dont think I'll be able to get it how it was before.
Oh and i got to put my head in the upside-down fish bowl things. You feel like a astronaut. Except that your head is on fire! "I'm melting. I'm melting" kept running through my head.
Here's a preview of the result anyways. (note: colour may differ from real life)

Let's see how quick it'll fade. I've wanted something along the lines of this since about yr10 but never quite go the courage to do it, due to cost and fading. but I thought stuff it this time, it's particularly been on my mind this month. It was only $10 for a cut, and $15 for the colour job I got, excellent.
Overall it is a good store, they do a good job, are experienced, cheap, quick and no appointment is required. But for me, I'll still try to limit the times I go. "oh a haircut"


Anonymous said...

I thought that your life's (hair-related ambition) was to colour you hair blue...not red!

It looks cool - more importantly, are you happy with it?


amie said...

yes yes. I know.
Ideally it's still blue, but realistically I might as well be content with the red. it was 2nd on the list anyway.

yeah, I'm happy. ask me in a week and we shall see. haha

JJ said...

ITS SUZAMIE! But good god those are really good prices. Magic of Blacktown I guess!