Saturday, April 29

custard and cool music

Yesterday i woke up, saw the sunshine, and decided it as going to be a good day. all day i was as excitable as a supersaturated jelly bean. why? cos of this:
yes, custard. not just some custard, but a whole litre. but it was Natalie Bringer-of-Custard that made it special. woohoo for free work samples. my sis and i even gave her a lil cheering routine. such a funny one she is.

On top of the custard excitement, i was seeing the Whitlams at the Metro! that got me as excited as a whole packet of supersaturated overly artifically coloured jellybeans as i was leaving to go. first gig i've been to in sydney. i had excellent company including James (click for pics) and the Whitlams were soooo good. its so cool hearing the crowd singing along. music by The Live Room, Kate Miller-Heidke were also tops. i loved kate's singing so much i bought a cd. it's not the same though i realised. its way better seeing her live and seeing her facial expressions, she had such a cute dress on too. a great performer, i highly recommend.

Ahhh *sigh of much happiness*. it was a good day.


Nat said...

HAHA You know I was all excited about coming over I was so on a high I love catching up to you.
I can so see you holdong up a lit match at the Whitlams concert haha

amie said...

haha. the thought was there, and some songs appropriate.