Friday, January 6

that's why we dont eat out

As a family we rarely eat out, it is painful when we do so. but the occasion arouse, and i thought for my 21st i'd get everyone out of the house. getting to Parramatta wasnt a problem, parking was another story. it wasnt at all busy but long story short, i was unsure of the carpark closing hrs so circled round the streets a few times not knowing where i was going, and then had trouble locating the exit of the shops. having a stressing mum didnt help. 30+mins later arrived at the newly opened vietnamese restaurant, Xic Lo. Food was good, nothing too standing out (i have an unusually high excitement threshold to food) I got my (currently) beloved noodles and was happy. As usual mum was being her motherly self. "do u want my noodles irene?...u better order now if u want something more u want some of my bean sprouts irene?...are u sure u can eat all that annie?...aren't u going to share some of that with ur sister?" etc etc. despite that and my dad's unenthusiasm for 'other' foods the night did turn out pleasant.

Rainbow drink. oh my goodness, what goodness it contains. also known as an iced kacang, it was the second time that i've had this. i love everything about this drink. its coconut cream, its crunchy colourful jelly (worms), its red beans, its white beans, its sweetness, its messed up appearance. ooooh. so good. mmm chunks. comments from mum: "what's it got in it?...and whats this?...and this?...oh u can make that at home" typical.

oh and to top it off, i got an early present from my bro. cat empire cd, a packet of clinkers AND a hug. just wat i asked for! (along with the gazillion other items)


PRan said...

Hey is that the Rainbow Drink you are having. Seems to be delicious. Would like to read more about you people's eatings..
Nice job with the blog. Keep it up...

chocolatesuze said...

ehehe and amies journey with food begins! w00t good job dude!