Tuesday, January 10

Looking for pie

i had read of this pie shop in Bondi many months and was so excited and knew that i would have to give it a visit. Being my actual birthday today, there was no better time to go food adventuring. Such a novelty, Pie Face as the name suggests creates pies with faces on them. but it has a more practicality purpose than looking cute. the angry looking faces with a "M" mouth means meat (beef), the happy face with "C" is chicken pie and "V" is vegetable etc. how most clever! my beef mince and tomato chutney was 'good' (left). i thought there'd be some form of gravy, but no. least i know i was getting Meat. sis got chicken and mushroom (right), and was enjoyed. pastry was excellent, flaky and unsoggy throughout. i was left with a feeling of great satisfaction, which is a big call for me considering i'm not a great savoury fat eating fan. it didnt feel too oily.

Later i found another one of the franchises inside Westfields. and later still, who should pop their pie in my face (metaphorically)? to my great joy there was another in Parra, in the new underground area. to top off my birthday even more, the new area had an asian bakery awaiting for me to sample its goods, a fruit shop also awaiting me, a sushi store and more. i was soo excited, i'm surprised now that i wasnt jumping up and down, extremely close though. cant wait to go back. hello pie.


chocolatesuze said...

pie pie pie pie pie PIE!!!
hehe chicken and mushroom sounds nice! it took my bro a while to realise it was a smiley face and not random squiggles

thuy said...

the pies looks so yummy, especially the chicken and mushroom one. I'd have to try it someday.