Sunday, January 22


Being summer, in Sydney there's heaps on. so i did a quick search for anything that may look appealing. i found the Boulevard Markets were going to be on at Olympic Park today, with the theme of 'Lick'. apparently there was going to be an ice-cream demonstration and a "smorgasbord of international food, goods, crafts, fashion accessories and home wares". When i think markets i think bustling, crowdedness, stalls setup shoulder to shoulder and of sweat. Well it was one of those things, due to the sunny weather rather than people.
It looked scattered and deserted almost, very disappointed. Smorgasbord? there was some variety i guess, but i wouldnt say a feast full. Also a store advertised a sort of "japanese pizza" something starting with 'o'. the appeal ended with the description. it looked like a pancake to me, considering it was a cirle of sloppy batter cooked on bbq top. Alas i forgot my camera.
Aside from this, the ice-cream demo was good. the chick definately knew her stuff and the wattle seed ice-cream was yum. a nutty coffeeish creamy goodness. there's even more good stuff. The jazz band was good too, (ooh trombones) but then again i think any jazz is probably good. Funnily enough they were called Eat Trio.
It was then off to DFO...for bed sheets and generic vietnamese rolls. thank goodness for hoisin sauce.

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