Wednesday, January 25


This is what happens if u leave avocado mixed with mayo overnight, with no lemon juice. yummo. giant bird droppings anyone?
Mum with her wise words: "That's expensive to chuck out"
my sister actually thought she was meant to eat it.

I'm so pleased. while at the markets i saw a funky bag with a cat on it and almost bought it. but then i remembered that i dont like cats that much (besides the fact that i'm too stingy) Following thoughts eventually led to me making a bag, as a piece of bread! i like it soo much. only took me 2 days to make. such hard work though. much sewing, unpicking, re-sewing, re-unpicking. it's made from an old pair of jeans and primary school shorts. u gotta love hand-me-downs.

Note: scales in the background are belated bday present from sis. hoorah!


twee said...

hi Amie
wow that bag is sooooo cute -_-
it looks like something u buy from a shop!

chocolatesuze said...

so cute!!!!

amie said...

thaaanks. i'm thinking of making other food item bags...when time permits. ie. not for a while. i got some other funky ideas.