Friday, June 24

Baking (Week 15-17) Choux, Stru & Review

Another late post on previous classes:
 Choux swans. Pretty. They would have been more pretty if I hadn't run out of time to add berries on the top. We also made religiuese (look it up) These didnt look particularly pretty when we made them.
I think strudel dough is the most fun dough for me to make. It's amazing, you start off with a lump as you typically do with dough and then you start swinging it round and using your fists to stretch it out to a massive thin elastic sheet. It's like in alien movies where you can see the baby whatever pushing through the elasticy membrane! It's not really as gross as that but was very very cool. Contrary to many recipes, strudels traditionally are not made with filo pastry.
For review lesson prior to our practical exam we made fruit flans and lemon meringue pies to help jog our memories which I'm so glad we did. In the actual test we made the lemon meringue pies again and pithivers. Oh the pithiviers. I think my was actually ok, it's just that I didn't cook it long enough. I was a bit pushed for time. Oh well, the teacher was otherwise generally happy with the process I had followed though. Marks will be available in 2 weeks, I'll see how I go!


annmelody18 said...

Nice work ever! Very decorative. Will do this at home.

Golden Sun Restaurant said...

I love baking and did so almost everyday before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. But this seems easy to prepare, I'd love to do this on the weekend with the kids, thanks for the recipe!